KLI Valorization Director.

I was recently installed as the Valorization Director of the Kurt Lewin Institute research school. I will coordinate this task together with Elze Ufkes from the University of Twente. Our goal is to increase the visibility of social-psychological research to organizations, the media, and the wider public. And furthermore, to improve the visibility of social-psychological research to other researchers, in and outside social psychology.


Launch of the hub “Behavior and Public Administration”

At Utrecht University we recently launched a new scientific “hub” on behavior and public administration. The hub connects researchers from behavioral sciences with researchers on public administration, and with professionals from public sector organizations. Our core aim is to apply behavioral insights to public policy. This is not science-for-science, we want to relate our research to important public sector organizations with an interest in behavioral insights. Current hub members are: Kees van den Bos, Denise de Ridder, Madelijn Strick (from psychology), and Thomas Schillemans and Lars Tummers (from public administration).



Very excited about the previews of our ‘Introduction to Psychology’ book (for children between the ages of 10-12 years). I’m writing this book together with Ap Dijksterhuis. The expected publication is fall 2017, the publisher is Prometheus. The drawings by Femke Tomberg are amazing.

Femke Tomberg1


July 7, 2016, Presented my work on the causes and consequences of “being moved” at the CERE (Emotion Conference) at Leiden University. Also saw a great keynote by Giselinde Kuipers on humor.



Jun 8, 2016. Today (my birthday!) we organized a workshop on ‘Building Trust in Institutions’.  The workshop started with a talk by social and organizational psychology professor Ellemers on trust in institutions, particularly focusing on restoring trust after public incidents or crises. The talk was followed by short introductions of professor Werner Raub (sociology) and professor Mark Bovens (public governance), followed by active discussions with participants. Very interesting.



Nov, 16, 2015. Science Café @ Utrecht University on humor, with Jan van Hooff, Sibe Doosje, Madelijn Strick from Utrecht University, philosopher Martijn Veerman from Amsterdam, and Daan en Stijn of the comical, semi-scientific TV-show Streetlab. Filemon Hesselink was our host. That was fun!




Symposium on “Being Moved” accepted for ISRE

Our symposium on the emotion of “being moved” was accepted for the ISRE conference on 8-10 July 2015 in Geneva. We will present new findings on the theoretical conceptualization, physiological correlates (e.g., chills, tears), and social consequences of being moved.

Our line-up: Eugen Wassiliwizky & Winfried Menninghaus, MPG Berlin; Christian Kaernbach, Kiel & Mathias Benedek; Madelijn Strick, Utrecht; Beate Seibt, Janis Zickfeld, Thomas Schubert, Oslo, & Alan Fiske, UCLA; Florian Cova & Julien Deonna, Geneva.