You can view my here: CV Madelijn Strick 2018

In the last years, my research focused on emotion, persuasion, and decision-making. Both empirically and theoretically, I developed a strong expertise on the study of emotional techniques (e.g., humor, music) in advertising and other forms of persuasive communication. Together with students, PhD-students and assistants I developed an influential model that explains and predicts the influence of humor in advertising on brand attitudes and choice, which is covered in consumer psychology courses in and outside the Netherlands (e.g., in Nijmegen, Leiden, Salzburg) and in books on advertising (e.g., Fennis & Stroebe, 2016). I also engage in external consultancy and collaboration with public organizations to apply this knowledge to practice.

To get a better understanding of persuasion processes, I also deepened my knowledge on various other areas, such as implicit motives, unconscious processes, and different emotions. For example, I study how people’s implicit power, affiliation, and achievement motives predict their preferences for advertisements and products appealing to these motives. In other work, I study how delaying a judgment for a while, even without thinking about the judgment consciously (i.e., merely “sleeping on it”) changes people’s judgments. This sleeper effect is also incorporated in the present proposal.

My latest work focuses on the educational function of stage comedy. Together with students, PhD-students and research-assistants I am trying to tackle this challenging topic, and I aspire to continue this work in the upcoming years. This proposed project will significantly fuel my work and strongly expand my expertise in this domain.

I teach courses on basic cognitive processes in behavior regulation, but also on social influence and advertising. Besides working, I like traveling to exotic countries, going to pop and rock concerts, running, and good wine. I am a big fan of sunny weather.