Knowledge utilization

For the Ministry of Defense I developed the Social Influence module for the Basic Course of Psychological Operations (PsyOps). I also teach this course twice a year for aspiring PsyOps specialists.

In collaboration with Christine Swankhuizen and the UMC Radboud, I am involved in developing and testing the effectiveness of a mobile phone app that motivates people with high risk for cancer to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I maintain active research collaborations with external organization active in advertising and behavior change, such as Tabula Rasa (Den Haag), d&b (Nijmegen), STER (Hilversum), and Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid (Utrecht).

I give invited lectures for broader audiences, for example the Culturele Zondagen College (Utrecht), and at public events of Publicis (Amsterdam) and MTV Networks (Amsterdam).

My research has been covered in popular science books such as “The Psychology of Advertising” by Bob Fennis & Wolfgang Stroebe, and in popular media such as Nova, Wetenschap24, Psychology Magazine, and De Volkskrant.