Hi, I am Madelijn, a social psychologist at Utrecht University.

My main scientific aim is to increase the connection between science and society. For me, societal impact goes far beyond applying research findings to societal questions. The main question I address as a behavioral scientist is: how should we “do” societal impact in order to be maximally effective?

Much of my research effort is dedicated to developing theory and measures to test the actual impact of science on the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of the public.

I am co-founder of the IMPACTLAB, societal impact director of the Kurt Lewin Institute and fellow of the Open Science Programme.

I also do research on humor and I teach courses on social influence and advertising. I very much enjoy writing stories and books. 

Besides working, I like traveling to exotic countries, films, running, and good wine. I am a big fan of sunny weather.

Madelijn Strick