Recent societal impact projects (scroll down for more)

Public lectures, for example on Moral Boundaries of Humor for Studium Generale Groningen, February 2020. Click on the picture to see the full lecture.

Monthly column about the impact of humor at work on People Power Radio, a podcast presented by Glenn van der Burg about the power of people in organisations.

Developing and teaching the course “Storytelling for Scientists” for KLI members and UU PhD students.

(Picture Source: Rebeca Zuñiga. License CC 2.0/ Flickr rebe_zuniga)

Helping high school students with their "profielwerkstuk". Click on the picture for an example: a short documentary by Yili Kong en Tessa van Kesteren on the behavioral influence of advertising.

Weekend van de Wetenschap

Developing the Nationaal Publiekonderzoek 2021 on the topic of humor. This is an initiative of several partners (e.g. Ministry of OCW, NEMO Kennislink) to promote research with a broad appeal (with Noortje Coppens and Mario de Jonge, 2019-2021).

Co-producing Mindlab, a theater play to improve the work climate at Dutch universities (with Ellen Giebels, Naomi Ellemers, Aukje Nauta, and TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk, 2019-2020).

My popular science book on the psychology of humor will appear in 2020 with Uitgeverij Balans.


Testing our model on effective public engagement at the Betweterfestival (with the Utrecht Centre for Science and Culture, 2019).

Blogging for DUB magazine, the Digital University Journal (40.000-45.000 unique visitors per month, 2017-2019).

Kurt Lewin Instituut

Setting up KLI Research, a platform that facilitates research collaborations between KLI members and external organizations (2019).

Advising the Ellemers lab of Utrecht University ( on science communication and societal impact 

Setting up the KLI Academy, an educational platform where members of the Kurt Lewin Graduate school teach psychology to professionals in external organizations (2018).

Public engagement

From parochialism to an inclusive city. A public engagement / research project on a film intervention to improve intergroup relations in Utrecht (with Lars Tummers, Utrecht Young Academy, and Utrecht municipality, 2018).

Developing "Waar of niet Waar?", a public engagement project where we train primary school children to do experimental research on humor (2018, with the Utrecht Young Academy and the Wetenschapsknooppunt).

Developing the popular science event “Social Animal”, where KLI members present their latest work to a broader audience and media (> 200 paying non-members, 2018).

Creating a new website that highlights the work and services of KLI members to the outside world (2018).

Tussen je oren

Tussen je oren. A children’s book about psychology (2017, Prometheus, with Ap Dijksterhuis).

Research with comedian Guido Weijers on the impact of the “Oudejaarsconference” on reflection and attitude change in the audience (2017).